Serve at the FRSC


On the 3rd Tuesday of each month we will be present 9-Noon to administer at the center so that people can take a hot shower,  use the laundry or have a warm, loving place to sit. 

  • April 21st
  • May 19th

On the 3rd Thursday of each month we will be serving a hot meal from 12-2 pm.                                           

  • April 23rd
  • May 21st

This includes organizing the meal, coordinating the volunteers and serving the meal.  Please let Sandy Butler know if you would like to help with this Ministry!



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Church of the Mountains UMC Vision Statement

“A Community of Faith Celebrating the Unconditional Love of God & Practicing the Unconditional Love of Neighbor.”

Church of the Mountains, UMC recognizes that we are a diverse community of faith, who believe in the love of God for all people. We seek to embrace God’s unconditional love through Worship; Discipleship; Giving; and Service to our church, community, and the world. We seek to:

Invite everyone to experience the love of God and become Disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Equip everyone for the work of ministry.

Release everyone into loving service to the world.


The Coffee Ministry has ended for this winter but will begin again in the Fall of 2015.  We serve coffee and goodies to the day laborers who meet in the parking lot across Donner Pass Road on the back side of the church.   Volunteers can help serve by providing a warm cup of coffee and caring words,  baking goodies, and prying for this ministry of love.  Help us to be "Jesus in action"!   Contact Allison for more information and to help: 425-919-4322

Prayer Net:  Thank you everyone on our prayer net for being a part of this ministry.  Why we are a "net" as opposed to a "chain"   When we had a prayer chain, that means of sharing concerns was through calling one another.  That means of communication led to messages being unintentionally altered as they passed from one person to another and often there would be a time delay in reaching everyone.  With the internet we can reach everyone at once with the same message.   If you would like to be part of this net and pray for others OR you have prayers you would like us to lift up to God please click the link  Prayer Request or Prayer Partner

Kids Can:  Recycling at Church of the Mountains sustains two important ministries:  food bags and the coffee ministry.   The Kids Can food bag ministry has provided close to 200 bags of food to people in need this summer!  We need more CRV recyclables to sustain this for the Fall!  We will be collecting the recycling at the church the second Sunday of every month.  Please mark your calendars and bring your CRV donations that day if possible.  You can email: to drop off at a different time.

Blanket Ministry & Other Needs:  Roger Jahr is heading up a "blanket ministry"  He asks that people continue to bring clean blankets to the church so he can share them with those needing them at the Mission area in Reno.  We also have people every week who come into the church or Food Resource Support Center in need of:  Socks, Gloves, Hats, Coats, Warm clothing layers, Tarps, Tents, Sleeping Bags,  Peanut Butter,  Canned Meats,  Protein Snacks.    All of these items can be left in the plastic bins downstairs or you can email to make other arrangements to drop off items

Our Vision and Finance

We are “A Community of Faith Celebrating the Unconditional Love of God for all people! You can affirm the Inclusive Love of God by financially supporting Church of the Mountains UMC and our ministries in a couple of ways.

1) Worship with your Tithes and Offerings during our weekly worship service by placing your financial contribution in the offering plate.

2) Mail your financial support to Church of the Mountains UMC, PO Box 1209, Truckee, CA. 96160